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Copper Powder PMS-К (GOST 4960-75)

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Technical characteristics:

Nominal size of powder particles: 0,45 mm
According to Svelen Co. Ltd. technical conditions, it is possible to manufacture copper powder with nominal size of particles: up to 0,8 mm or up to 1 mm.
Weight percent of copper – not less than 99,5%;
Impurity content according to GOST 4960-75

Time of manufacture:

30 days


Metallic Drums

Copper powder is packed in metallic drums, drums with polyethylene liner bag according to GOST 5044 and GOST 17811, or soft polymeric package of big-bag type.


Guaranteed shelf life – not less than 6 months after the manufacture date. Powder must be stored in indoor storages at the temperature not more than +350С. Powder must be protected from pollutions, atmospheric fallouts and other aggressive mediums.