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Hard Copper Bus SHМТ (GOST 434-78)

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Technical characteristics:

Consistency: oxygen-free copper not less than М1 or М1b (GOST 859-2001);
Electric resistivity: not more than 0,01724 Оhm•mm2/m;
Bus hardness: not less than 637 МPа (65 kgf/mm2) Brinell



  • - 20-120 mm;


  • - 3-30 mm;


  • - 60-1200 mm2

Length of cut

  • - from 2000 to 6000 mm;

Time of manufacture:

30 days


Wooden boxes

Weight of a box: 350 kg or 700 kg;
Sizes of a box:
Length: 4000 mm;
Width: 200 or 300 mm;
Height: 220 mm;


Bundle weight: not more than 200 kg;
A bundle is twisted with packing tape in 4 places.
By consent of manufacturer and consumer, it is allowed to transport buses in containers, without packaging.

Application Area

Copper bus is used for electrical wire, bus wire, switchboard, and bus bar assembly production. It is used as conductor component for low-voltage equipment and electric service panel manufacturing. Copper bus is also used during roof works with copper sheets.