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Soft Copper Wire Rod GКRNP (GOST 1535-2006)

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Technical characteristics:

From of section: round;
Accuracy of manufacturing: normal;
Condition: half-hard;
Consistency: copper М1–М3 (GOST 859-2001);
Rupture strength: not less than 240 (24,5) МPа (kgf/mm2);
Elongation on failure: 45-35%;
Electric resistivity depends on the copper range.
Full density of copper.


Wire rod diameter

  • - 16-40 mm

Wire rod length

  • - 1,0-4 m

Time of manufacture:

30 days


GOST 3282

Wire rods with diameter of 35 mm and less are bound together (this bunch consists at least of 3 wire rods).
Weight of a bunch must not exceed 80 kg.
A bunch must be tied up with 2 rounds of wire (with diameter not less than 1,2 mm according to GOST 3282) not less than in 2 places, and if the length of wire rods exceeds 3 m – not less than in 3 places in such way, so as to eliminate reciprocal deflections of wire rods in the bundle.
By consent with Customer, packaging in the most convenient for the Customer way is available.

Application Area

Copper wire rods are used in engineering, electrical engineering, gas supply, water supply and other spheres. Wide range of products is manufactured of copper wire rods: from details for electrical appliances to typographic prints and architecture elements.