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Aerial Non-Insulated Cable М range

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Technical characteristics:

Consistency – copper range not less than М1 (GOST 859-2001);
Electric resistivity of wires – not more than 0,01770 Оhm•mm2/m;


Nominal cross-section area of wire

  • - 35-120 mm2

Nominal diameter of wires

  • - from 2,51 to 3,15 mm

Time of manufacture:

30 days


Reel №14 (GOST 5151-79)

Bus weight: up to 1800 kg;
Reel sizes:
Outer diameter (height): 1400 mm;
Inner diameter: 750 mm;
Width: 900 mm;

Application Area

Aerial non-insulated copper wire of M range for aerial power lines is used in atmosphere of 2nd and 3rd air types on land and sea of all climatic regions while aerial power line construction and also for feed-lines of electric transport.