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About our company

About our company

Since 1991, our company has been specializing in the production and supply of products from copper and its alloys for cable, metallurgical, electrical, construction and transport industries.
Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and its own developments, the company quickly responds to the most complex customer requests, and large production facilities allow us to fulfill all orders with high quality and on time.1

About our company
About our company

Наши цели

  • Customer focus

  • Innovative expansion of the range of offered goods and services, implementation of the action plan for the development of new types of products

  • Improving product quality, reducing the level of defects: internal and external

  • Execution of orders for products of any complexity in the shortest possible time

  • The first to satisfy the CONSUMER with the quality and price he needs.

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We are guided in our work by the following principles:

  • Quality

    We use only high-quality raw materials and carefully approach the quality of products

  • Performance

    Our equipment allows us to fulfill any orders in a short time, without neglecting the quality of the product.

  • Continuity

    The equipment is selected in such a way that some machines can duplicate each other if necessary.

  • Efficiency

    Waste minimization and the use of modern equipment with high performance allow us to offer optimal prices for products

  • Security

    We strictly adhere to the safety requirements and the Labor Code. This minimizes the risk of any accidents and production stoppages.

Quality control

Our company pays special attention to constant end-to-end quality control of all production processes.

At the stage of incoming acceptance of raw materials

At the stage of incoming acceptance of raw materials

At each stage of intermediate product conversion

At each stage of intermediate product conversion

Acceptance of finished products

Acceptance of finished products