Copper bus, type ШММ
Copper bus, type ШММ
Copper bus, type ШММ
Copper bus, type ШММ

Copper bus, type ШММ


Технические характеристики

Chemical composition – oxygen-free copper not lower than M1
Specific electrical resistance – no more than 0.01724 Ohm • mm2 / m;



Thickness (mm) – from 3 to 30
Width (mm) – from 20 to 120
Section (mm2) – from 60 to 1200

Срок изготовления

from 3 days


Minimum length: 2000 mm;
Maximum length: 4000 mm;
Packed in wooden boxes;
Box weight: 350 kg. or 700 kg;
Box dimensions:
Length: 4000 mm;
Width: 200 or 300 mm;
Height: 220 mm;

Drum No. 14 in accordance with GOST 5151-79
Tire weight: up to 1800 kg;
Drum dimensions:
Outer diameter (height): 1400 mm;
Inner diameter: 750 mm;
Width: 900 mm;

Section: up to 400 mm2
Coil weight: up to 50 kg;
The diameters of the coils depend on the section of the tire. Minimum diameter 250 mm, maximum pallet diameter;
Packed on a pallet (package) weighing up to 1000 kg (20 coils);
Pallet dimensions:
1200 x 1200 mm, or 1200 x 1000 mm.

Область применения

The copper bus is used for making conductors, busbars, switchgears, busbar assemblies.

It is used as a conductor component in the manufacture of low-voltage equipment and electrical panels.

A copper bus is also used in construction when carrying out roofing works using a copper sheet.